Ship Spare Parts for Cylinder Liners

Cylinder Liner is designed to work under high temperature during engine operation as the heat energy from the burning fuel is transferred to the cylinder wall, which helps the temperature to be kept within acceptable limits till the liner is cooled down.

ESMS is well aware about the importance of the quality on spare parts & services provided to our valuable clients and proud to serve under this philosophy.

We will be glad to present our competitive offer for cylinder liner and its spare parts on many diesel engine maker’s brands.ESMS is well experienced to supply high European & Asian quality spare parts from our exclusive manufacturers, and always at your service with our experienced engineers /technicians for cylinder liner works (like honing, overhauling) in our workshop.

ESMS will be pleased to offer a quick and cost-effective solution for having smooth operation of your engines and to provide our workshop services like honing up to 700mm.