Marine Fuel Injection Equipments

ESMS always focuses on the best service and presents competitive prices to our valuable customers with the European quality for diesel engine makers related with the fuel injection systems of these engines for necessary parts like nozzles, pump elements, delivery valves, delivery valve seat.

Also, ESMS is proud to provide a niche service for fuel injection valve refurbishment works to our valuable clients by our skilled and experienced team together with the technological infrastructure and equipment at our workshop.
For refurbishing of fuel injection valves, our workshop and technical team are at your service by having comprehensive experience in servicing & overhauling of fuel pumps and injectors.

Our equipment is fully calibrated by our technical team with many years’ experience in servicing and repairing diesel pumps and injectors.
In the case where the fuel injector valve is not performing as required and has some defect, ESMS can successfully make the overhaul. The assembly and the disassembly must be done as per the instructions given by the engine manufacturer.

After the parts are cleaned and inspected the fuel valve is assembled as per the manufacturer’s instructions and thereafter tested for function and performance.