3D Laser Scanning and Retrofit Solutions

Leveraging from its concentrated engineering capability on marine projects, ESMS is able to offer wide range of solutions for any kind and any size of marine retrofit projects with using latest 3D scanning and CAD techniques.

3D Scanning is used to capture the as-built construction of vessels at the targeted areas for the retrofit engineering such as installation BWT and scrubber systems. These areas might include Engine Room Area, Pump Room, Main Deck and Funnel depending on system specifications and vessel type. 3D Scan data provides the flexibility to vessel owners and technical inspectors to plan for placement of new equipment and related components including pipes and connections. Due to this flexibility, any alterations can be planned before, monitored during and analyzed after using Laser Scanning and 3D modelling techniques.

We have been following latest developments in laser scanning and implemented 3d point data into our engineering system.

By using as-built point cloud, the vessel or the plant is modeled according to requirements and processed for any kind of engineering needs.

ESMS has successfully completed more than 10 retrofitting projects for different kind and size of vessels. Because of our mobilized team, we can undertake 3d scanning at any ports worldwide on a short notice.

Our exclusive retrofit solutions include;

  • Ship Survey / Appraisal / Pre-planning / 3-D laser scanning
  • System selection and space allocation,
  • Piping modification projects,
  • Structural modification projects,
  • Feasibility study providing 3-D modelling of pre-selected systems’ equipment integrated into 3-D model,
  • Design engineering (Class package, detail design, prod. info. and as-built documentation, including preparation and submission of all documentation required for Class approval),
  • Technical assistance throughout fabrication and installation,
  • Project management,
  • Equipment layouts,
  • Supplying necessary materials those will be used in retrofit Project.