Marine Project Management

Marine project management comprises collaboration on a hard-works, Including thousands of emails, remarks, documents, revisions and Approvals from owners, shipyards, designers, class societies and authorities. ESMS provides marine project management consultancy from design stage and initiation to the execution. This complete service includes performance management, scheduling, billing, budgetary control, submission of submittals and documentation. Our marine project management approach helps ship owners and shipyards to increase efficiency and improve quality.

The shipbuilding process is a complex alliance with input from many different stakeholders at many different locations. Our both traditional and digitalised approach is a well-structured and flexible solution developed for efficient collaboration of all these inputs.

  • Project Documents – ESMS supports all phases of a marine project such as design, engineering and repairing with up-to-date and well-organized project documents prepared by experienced professionals following industry best practice,
  • Activities – All process-relevant information accessible via the well-organized communications and solution-oriented representatives. Through our tailor-made approach and internal software, customers can keep control of all activities in their project with respect to planned events as well as actual data.
  • Files, e-mails, revisions – ESMS gathers all activities, completion data and specialists’ comments from various data sources and creates regular reports to keep customers updated about their project. With the aid of up-to-date internal software, continuously updated views of activities (work breakdown structures, week plan, period plan) are also provided within these reports,

Our Project Management Services Include

  • Tendering, planning & cost evaluation
  • In-house design management and build-plan approval
  • (Sub) contracting management & contract review
  • Bid solicitation & negotiation
  • Vendor evaluation & selection
  • Purchasing and procurement support
  • On-site management by experienced, in-house superintendents
  • Shipyard assessment and detail plan approval
  • Testing, sea trials & delivery