Marine Piston & Connecting Rod

ESMS is offering wide range of services. One of our specialization is supplying of spare parts which we strive for excellence with high quality products at competitive prices with reliability of fast delivery.

Piston, piston crown, piston skirt, connecting rod and piston pin can be supplied by ESMS from our exclusive manufacturers for 2 and 4 stroke engines.

The piston types that we can offer cover wide variety of applications in terms of fuel, load profile, durability, and environmental conditions. Materials and specs of these parts are in accordance with engine manufacturers given details and can be certified upon our customers’ requests.
Also, ESMS can provide a qualified service for piston crown reconditioning, piston skirt reconditioning works to our valuable clients by our skilled and experienced team together with the technological infrastructure and equipment at our workshop.

We will be pleased to offer a quick and cost-effective solution for having smooth operation of your engines and to provide our reconditioning services like piston crown reconditioning & piston skirt reconditioning.