Mobile Workshop Solutions

Mobile workshops are ideal for servicing and manufacturing of any items on site. Due to the fact that these are mobile, they are manufactured to handle the toughest terrain and secure the most valuable of tools. Our engineering and production teams can modify a standard shipping container and transform it into an ideal working space includes windows, access doors, customized shelving for tools/equipment providing electrical installation, air conditioning and other features as required.

Our tailor-made workshops offers various maintenance tools and uniquely designed equipment for flexible operation in various applications, locations and conditions. Our innovative and customizable workshops ensure safe, clean and spacious work environment for all kind of businesses.
We are happy to consult regarding your existing workshop. With our many years of expertise in engine maintenance as well as our highly skilled engineers and producers, we have the ability to optimize your workshop or to expand it.

  • Our Mobile Workshops include:
  • Easily transportable / relocatable,
  • Expandable – add additional containers,
  • Various types of services can be carried out in the mobile workshop,
  • Spacious and well-organized
  • Can be fitted with additional tables, drawers and cabinets.
  • Wind, dust, rust and water proof,
  • Tailored-made to your requirements,
  • Optional and additional machinery equipments,
  • Ideal for construction, offshore and power plant sites,
  • Built-in C02 fire protection and emergency exit,
  • Turkish Made